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5 Tips To Beachfront & Oceanside Mold Prevention

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

Living by the beach is a dream come true for many homeowners. Unfortunately, beachfront living can come with an unpleasant downside.

The Risk of Mold at the Coast

Mold grows best in moist conditions, like the ones right outside your front door while living near coast in California.

Whether you are the brand new owner of a beachfront home or a longtime resident of an oceanside property, you need to take mold seriously.

Here are a few quick tips for preventing mold in your coastal home;

  1. Remove wet objects right away
  2. Clean, disinfect and dry
  3. Increase airflow
  4. Stop water leaks
  5. Use dry storage

If left unchecked mold can quickly grow and spread throughout a home which is why it is important to follow these mold prevention tips.

If you are worried about mold in your home don't risk your health or the health of your children or loved ones.

Proper mold removal, mold remediation can eliminate all traces of mold in a beachfront or oceanside home. Don't delay, contact us today, (760) 451-0600 and our professional technicians will help you get rid of any mold problem.

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in an Oceanside Home

Getting rid of mold is one thing, but preventing it is something else. As with other problems of home ownership, the best defense against mold is a good offense.

Taking some proactive steps now can prevent mold in your oceanside or beachfront home later. Here are five timely tips for keeping mold at bay, so you can enjoy the cool ocean breezes and spend more time in the sand.

1. Remove Wet Objects Right Away

From saltwater-soaked beach towels to wet patio furniture cushions, it is important to keep damp items out of your beachfront home. Mold can start growing in an amazingly short period, so every minute you wait is one more minute your home is at risk.

Keeping a hamper by the front door can help you keep those damp items out of your home. Instituting rules for guests and family members can help as well, and go a long way toward keeping your oceanside or beachfront home mold-free.

2. Clean, Disinfect and Dry

Mold loves damp places, and it can grow fast. That is why cleaning and disinfecting your home is so important. Regular cleaning and proper disinfection are always necessary, but it is particularly critical for owners of oceanside and beachfront properties.

Keep your cleaning supplies nearby, disinfect surfaces and always dry everything carefully. Denying mold the damp spots it needs is the best way to protect your home from severe damage.

3. Increase Airflow Throughout Your Home

Improving airflow can go a long way toward keeping mold out of your beachfront or oceanside home, so start by assessing the amount of airflow you currently have and go from there. If the air is flowing beautifully through the entire property, you probably do not have a need to worry.

If the airflow is less than optimal, it is time to get to work. Just adding a fan to the attic or crawlspace can improve airflow a great deal, so that is a good place to get started. Be sure to use the fans you have, like the exhaust fan in your bathroom and kitchen, as doing so will make a mold infestation less likely.

4. Stop Water Leaks Quickly

Water leaks can spark a mold problem like nothing else, so it pays to be vigilant. Beachfront locations are often prone to sudden storms, so take a look around your property as soon as the rainfall has stopped. Check the ceilings for discoloration and damp spots, as these could indicate roof leaks and standing water.

Even the smallest leak, if left untreated, can spark a mold problem, so check for leaks regularly and treat them quickly. Eternal vigilance about water leaks is one of the most efficient ways to stop a mold problem before it starts.

5. Use Dry Storage

Having a dry place to store your belongings is critical when you live in a beachfront property or oceanside home. It is not enough to stack your spare belongings in the attic or hide them in the basement, as improper storage could lead to excess moisture and the growth of mold.

Instead of stacking your belongings willy nilly, take the time to place them in sealed boxes. Do this for your attic, crawlspace, garage and every other storage area in your beachfront or oceanside home. Storing your items properly and in sealed containers can prevent moisture buildup before it starts, and save you some costly repairs.

Maintain Your Home Properly to Avoid Future Repair Costs

Mold remediation can be expensive and is always a complicated and arduous process. That is why it is so important to focus on preventing mold, especially black mold.

Water damage can happen anywhere, but it is far more likely in oceanside and beachfront locations along California's coast. If you want to enjoy all the great things the beach has to offer, do yourself a favor and make mold prevention measures a regular part of your home maintenance. With the right mold remediation plan, you can avoid costly damage and have more time to enjoy your wonderful home.

If you want to enjoy all the great things the beach has to offer, do yourself a favor and make mold prevention measures a regular part of your home maintenance. With the right mold remediation plan, you can avoid costly damage and have more time to enjoy your wonderful home.

However, if you ever do happen to discover a mold problem in your oceanside home, contact us before it spreads.the mold remediation experts at SERVPRO of Falbrook & South Oceanside.

The tips listed above can help you get started, but if the mold is out of hand contact us immediately.

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