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Looking Out for Water Damage and What to Do When it Happens

10/3/2017 (Permalink)

Looking Out for Water Damage and What to Do When it Happens

There's little doubt that when it comes to property damage, water is perhaps the most destructive force out there. Even if a person hasn't dealt with the ultimate destructive force of flood damage, chances are that everyone has had to deal with some form of lesser water damage in their time as a homeowner. Repairing damage from water in the business or a flooded home from things like a supply line break whether can be costly. We'll go through some of the process of water damage and how it occurs, as well as some of the best ways that a professional water restoration company are essential to mitigation or repair.

First, some tips on detecting initial water in the home:

It Can Be Hidden

A pipe break is not necessarily as easy to detect as one might think. Flood damage can be hidden in a variety of places from walls to floorboards to even the outer portions of the flooded home, and it takes on a variety of different attributes depending on where the flood damage occurred.

There are some key elements that point to possible flood damage in the home. They include:


Look for brownish discoloration on areas like the ceiling or rust discoloration on certain appliances as well. Check walls for bubbling or cracking paint.

Water Accumulation

Likely the most obvious sign of a possible pipe break, etc. Check for any areas of standing water in the home or business.

Texture Changes

Check for buckling or sagging in areas that especially have wood floors. If wood has swelled up and separated, it means it has expanded, which is also a sign of water damage.


Walls in particular can be prone to moisture absorption. This usually results in a change in smell as well.

Now that we've given some brief tips on what to look for, let's go into what can be done about it and how a restoration company provide mitigation of damage, take care of pipe breaks or supply line breaks, and in general assist in necessary water cleanup.

Don't Wait!

Don't delay in calling in a professional restoration company when one finds water damage. Any delay can exacerbate the issue and prove very costly. Prompt intervention is key to dealing with a flooded home. Water in a business has other expenses too, such as needing to close up shop.

The Process

A professional restoration company typically has a tried and true methodology for dealing with damages.

1. Assessment
The professionals will work to identify and stop the water source, be it from a pipe break or supply line break. They will then inspect the entire property for a damage assessment. After, they move and block items such as furniture--or expensive equipment in the case of water in a business setting--to prevent further water damage.

Water Removal/Water Cleanup

If the home requires extensive cleanup and restoration, many restoration companies offer a move out service to protect all belongings.
Once done, they will use powerful submersible pumps to take care of the worst of the water cleanup, as well as high-efficiency wet/dry vacuums. This is not only mitigation of damages but reduces drying time. They will additionally inspect the carpet to determine if it should be removed for protection of the sub-floor.


Once water removal is done the drying process begins. This is done because many materials in a flooded home still retain some water. Dehumidifiers are used to mitigate secondary damage such as warped floors, and air flow movers are used to accelerate drying.


Many companies also offer professional-grade cleaning services of both the property and belongings such as furniture that may have become damaged from water in the home. They'll use a variety of products to clean and deodorize the home or business.

Trust the Professionals

When it comes to water cleanup and restoration, whether it's water in the home or water in the business, a pipe or supply line break, it's important get the right help. Always use qualified services for proper restoration and mitigation of water damage.
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Commercial Fire Damage

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Commercial Fire Damage

Every firefighter who responds to the blaze in your building must utilize fire suppression equipment and tactics available to him or her to control and extinguish the fire. These measures could include spraying water from the fire hose to dousing the blaze with foam stored inside the fire truck.

After the electrical fire, utility room fire, or fire from another source is put out, you may be left with extensive fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage with which to cope. You can get your building's fire sprinkler system inspected and cleaned and start the fire restoration process by retaining commercial fire damage contractors to take over this monumental undertaking for you.

Extensive Cleanup after a Firefighter

You may not appreciate the full scope of what the commercial fire damage cleanup process can be until you are confronted with a fire restoration endeavor of your own. It is only after your current fire suppression measures have failed you that you realize how devastating fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage can truly be on a building.

You also are probably more than disappointed in the fact that your fire sprinkler system failed to extinguish the electrical fire or utility room fire that destroyed your business. You may wonder how this fire suppression measure failed and whether or not you should have had it inspected and serviced by a fire restoration crew a long time ago.

As the old adage says, however, hindsight is always 20/20, which is why you should focus on the future by initiating the fire restoration process immediately after the last firefighter has packed up and the last fire truck has departed the scene. Looking at the water and foam left behind by the fire hose, you realize that fire damage, smoke damage, and soot damage are all more than you can handle on your own. You can have it dealt with swiftly and professionally by retaining the services of a commercial fire damage service today.

Commercial fire damage contractors know what kind of soot damage and smoke damage can be left behind by the water and spray from a fire hose. A firefighter must use the chemicals and water from the fire hose and fire truck to put out the blaze. There is no fire suppression alternative but to rely on the resources found on the fire truck and sprayed out through the fire hose to put out an electrical fire or utility room fire of that size.

Still, the fire damage left behind can be galling to look at or imagine how it will be cleaned up in the coming days or weeks. When you realize that you cannot service a broken fire sprinkler system to head off a future utility room fire or electrical fire, you need to retain the services of a commercial fire damage crew to come to your business today and take over this restoration work for you.

Fortunately, these services are typically available around-the-clock for your convenience even if the fire happens in the middle of the night. You never know if or when the fire sprinkler system in your business might fail you, in fact. You need to know that you can contact restoration professionals who are ready to respond even if you call during the middle of the night, on the weekends, or during holidays.

The contractors whom you call upon will respond quickly and begin formulating a plan of action to reverse or cleanup the damages left in your building. You can look forward to better fire suppression methods and a building that is free from smoke, soot, and water damage left behind by the fire crews.

A fire can take your business out of commission for weeks or months. You can get it back up and running and restore your building by hiring professionals to clean up the damage caused by the fire itself and the firefighters who came to help you.
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The Aftermath of a Storm

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The Aftermath of a Storm

A storm is a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds that are accompanied usually by thunder, rain, lightning, and snow. Instances of storms are on the rise, the latest being the IRMA hurricane that hit the eastern Caribbean coast. Hurricanes bring with them such issues like a hurricane damage, ice damming, river flooding, tornadoes, snowstorms, flooding, and ice damage. Storm damages on properties and buildings can be as a result of flash floods, roof leaks, structure damages, and roof damage.

Forms of damages that accompany storms
• Wind damage
• Hurricane damage
• Water damage
• Ice dams
• Ice damages
• Roof damage

The process to restore your home after a wind damage or flooding requires one to use services of a restoration company that will ensure that the home restoration process is done professionally.

The following are the steps of a storm remediation.
i. Emergency contact: In a storm restoration, the first step you should take is to ensure emergency contact to your local restoration company. Emergency contact should be made as soon as the storm subsides to initiate the process of restoration. Restoration companies provide their services on a 24/7 basis making it possible for you to get in touch with them at any time of the day. Among the information that you should relay to the restoration company includes the level of roof damage that could be determined by the presence of a roof leak. Roof leaks and ice dams call for a roof repair. You should also inform them of the level of flood water and amount of ground water.

ii. Prioritize your health and safety first: Flooding disrupts power sources, which may cause electrocution to individuals. Immediately the restoration personnel are on the site, they should begin the process of storm remediation. The process depends on the levels of river flooding, wind damage, hail damage, levels of flood water, and ice damage. Flood pumps can be used to get rid of flood water and ground water that has the risk of damaging your property. Blocking of broken water pipes and fixing frozen pipes is necessary in limiting water inflow. Inspecting the roof for roof leaks is also important since water damages may occur due to ice damming that provides natural water blockage.

iii. Documentation is necessary in a storm restoration process as it captures the extent of such issues like water damage, roof damage, hail damage, ice damage, and hurricane damage. Documented information on storm damage helps victims in filling their insurance claim forms. You should document the damages as soon as you are safe and the storm is over. Documentation of damages due to ice damage, hail damage, hurricane damages, and wind damages can be done through photographs and recorded videos.

iv. You should contact your insurance company agent: Contacting your insurance agent ensures that there is a formal inspection and documentation of damages. Insurance policies should cover all costs of a storm remediation. Such costs associated with storm damages include cost of water restoration, home restoration, and storm restoration.

v. Seek Federal Disaster Assistance: When storms such as IRMA strike, they cause destruction and huge losses to businesses. The federal government assists victims of hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, river flooding, ice damming, and ice dams. Ground water and flood water can also be very destructive. The federal government will come to your rescue by facilitating such remedies like roof repair, heating of frozen pipes, home restoration, water restoration, storm restoration, and purchase of flood pumps to combat flooding. Roof repair will fix minor roof leaks if they exist but a new roof may be needed if the damage is severe.

vi. Management of damages: This process involves addressing the various damages suffered such as roof damage, water damage, wind damage, hail damage, and hurricane damage that come in the form of storm damage. Heating up frozen pipes after ice damming and purchasing of flood pumps should be a priority. This stage is where elaborate home restoration steps are taken. Hail damage and ice damage are responsible for roof damage and you will need to carry out roof repairs. Ice damming leads to ice dams and frozen pipes that need heat up to restore water supply. Ensure that during a water restoration process, you use dehumidifiers and flood pumps to eliminate ground water and flood water.

The success of home restoration will depend on the storm remediation steps taken to facilitate water restoration. You can avoid losses due to river flooding through compliance to early warning systems.
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Pacific Coast and Oceanside Home Mold Removal and Remediation

9/22/2017 (Permalink)

Oceanside Mold Removal & Remediation

Living near the ocean can be a wonderful experience, with cool breezes, spectacular views and a laid-back way of life that is hard to beat.

Whether you are new or a native to living in Oceanside or the surrounding areas, you know how wonderful it is to have a place you can call home that is near the Pacific.

Unfortunately, coastal living also comes with its fair share of dangers, and mold is chief among them. Finding mold growing in your Oceanside home can be devastating, and knowing what to do in that situation can be quite difficult.

Contact Your local professionals at SERVPRO of Fallbrook / South Oceanside. Our team of mold experts are dedicated to helping rid homes throughout Oceanside and North County San Diego of mold.

We have experienced mold removal and remediation specialists ready to help, give us a call at (760) 451-0600.

Highly Qualified Mold Removal & Remediation Process

Mold removal from your Oceanside home is a very specialized process, and not one homeowners should try to tackle on their own. At first blush, the process of mold removal and remediation can seem like a simple one, but it is anything but. Mold cleanup is a time-consuming process, an exacting one, and trying to clean up mold on your own could end up making the problem even worse.

The Risk Of Mold In Oceanside

The very conditions that make living in Oceanside or along the Pacific Coast Highway so wonderful are the same ones that make mold a problem. Your beautiful views of the Pacific ocean are often accompanied by coastal moisture, warm temperatures and with humidity your Oceanside home provides a ready breeding ground for mold, including many varieties that can cause serious illness in humans and animals. You would not want to find black mold growing in your Oceanside home.

If you suspect your home needs mold clean up, you should not risk waiting. While some varieties of mold are merely unsightly, others are downright dangerous. You cannot tell by the naked eye which type of mold your home is harboring, so it is important to call an experienced Oceanside mold specialist with SERVPRO at (760) 451-0600 at the first sign of trouble.

Signs Of Mold Growth

So how do you know if you have a mold problem in your Oceanside home? While every property is different, there are a number of signs to watch out for. You should call a professional mold remediation specialist right away if you notice any of the following:

Musty Smell

Mold gives of a distinctive odor, but you may not recognize it if you have never dealt with oceanside mold removal before. If you smell a musty odor in your home, you should suspect a mold problem.

Visible Mold

Visible mold growth is the most obvious sign, but it is not as easy to spot as you might think. If you spot dark streaks or other signs of mold growth, you should contact a mold remediation specialist right away.

Leaking Water

If your coastal home has a water problem, it probably has a mold problem as well. Mold thrives in moist conditions, and if you see standing water, unusual drainage or water leaks, some sort of mold clean up is probably in your future.

Condensation and Moisture

Watch for spots where water accumulates in your home, especially in the basement or crawlspace. If you see condensation in these areas, you could have a growing mold problem, and an immediate need for emergency mold removal.

History of Flooding

If your coastal home has ever flooded, the property is at increased risk for a mold problem. This elevated risk of mold exists even if the flooding was relatively minor, and the best defense is eternal vigilance. If you spot any signs of mold in or around your home, your next call should be to an experienced Oceanside mold removal specialist.

If you spot any of the above telltale signs and symptoms, you may very well have mold in your Oceanside home.

Experienced Oceanside Mold Remediation

Contact SERVPRO of Fallbrook / South Oceanside and speak to our mold remediation expert immediately. Having mold in your home and letting it linger can be a very risky bet for both you and your family. Young children are especially vulnerable due to their age their immune systems and bodies are not as strong as adults. Our team of mold remediation experts in Oceanside are parents and know full well the dangers of mold. Our team is trained and qualified in how to properly remove the mold from wherever it is growing and clean the air of mold spores returning your home to normal.

Contact Us Today

If you need to get rid of mold, you need expert advice and guidance. Contact us today, (760) 451-0600 and we would be happy to help. Mold removal is not a do-it-yourself project you should rush into and you cannot rely on your own expertise to get rid of mold and protect your family and home.

Our Oceanside mold remediation experts will be there every step of the way to explain what is being done to restore your home.

How To Make Water Damage Less Overwhelming

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How To Make Water Damage Less Overwhelming

Given the severe consequences of acting slowly when there is water in a home, it's no wonder that water cleanup can at first seem so overwhelming. Few businesses or homes are equipped with the necessary tools to engage in meaningful and complete water cleanup. It's natural to feel helpless when you see water in a home or water in a business. It pours over everything, touches valuable property and even electronics, and seems to spread as quickly as fire, damaging all it touches.

The purpose of professional water cleanup is to make water cleanup more manageable, efficient, and complete. When faced with water damage, the quickest way to bring things back to a manageable level is to call on water damage restoration experts. Not only are they well-versed in the mechanics of mitigation, drying, and cleaning, but they have encountered these situations before and know exactly what they need for a speedy cleanup.

No matter how severe the water in the home or the water in the business is, it's no match for an experienced, well-trained restoration company crew. If there's water in your home or water in your business, there's one answer: Call a restoration company. They know what to do.

Before arrival

Mitigation, drying, and restoration will begin once the restoration company is on the scene, but there are a few helpful things you can do while you wait. Depending on the level of the water in the home, or the area it covers, you might be able to prevent further damage by removing objects out of harm's way. As long as you can safely remove the object from the path of the water, this is a quick way to prevent further water damage while waiting for the mitigation and restoration company to arrive.

If the area of the water is confined, you can tidy up a bit before the crew arrives to your flooded home or if there is water in your business that is confined to a single area, you can quickly browse around to see any clues as to where the water might be coming from. Restoration will obviously be easiest if the water is confined to one small space. Sometimes when there is a supply line break or a pipe break, there may only be water in a single room.

If the water in your business or home is from flood damage, it might be more tricky and there might be less you can do while waiting for the restoration team to arrive. It still helps to scan the areas and take note of as much as you can so that you can well inform the mitigation team when they arrive.

Turning on air circulation systems, such as an air conditioner, can sometimes help begin early drying, too. If the flow of water has stopped, drying before crews get there can help some. Wipe away water in areas where no electrical appliances exist. You can also mop water off floors. If the water continues to pour into the building or home, drying can be impossible. In this case, it's best to wait.

Professionals are there for a reason

Professionals exist to help make your life easier. If you want to avoid flood damage from a flooded home, supply line break, pipe break, or leaky appliance, sometimes it's best to face the ordeal with professionals at your side. They can quickly prevent further flood damage to a flooded home or quickly identify and stop a supply line break or a pipe break. Professionals prevent water damage and damage from a pipe break or supply line break in a way that a novice cleaning crew just can't. The goal is to not only stop the source of the flood damage from a flooded home, but to restore possessions back to their original condition. Restoration is much faster and less overwhelming when the professionals are on your side.
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What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

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What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

You may have heard of commercial fire damage services, but you might not know what their services entail. Fire damage can cause extensive damage and reduce your valuables to ashes. This is where fire damage restoration services come in. When fire in the home or fire in the business strikes, you need to salvage whatever you can to avoid further losses. To do this, you need to act first. Fire cleanup is therefore critical towards preserving what is left after a fire.

Commercial fire damage companies have trained technicians. These professionals are skilled in providing fire damage restoration to deal with a fire in the home or fire in the business. Fire cleanup services are time sensitive. This is why these firms operate round the clock. They are also trained to deal with the smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage.

A certified restoration company hires technicians who have gone through training from organizations such as the Cleaning and Restoration certification (IICRC). With proper training, these fire experts are able to offer fire cleanup services. A professional restoration company will also provide drying services. Water is used to put out fire, and this leaves behind water damage.

Fire damage restoration services also include water removal. Lingering moisture can provide a good breeding ground for mold and other fungi. Commercial fire damage companies are also experts in water and mold removal. The three services go hand in hand. The smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage also need to be addressed. Soot can discolor and damage household items. When hiring a restoration company, ask about their soot damage, smoke smell and smoke damage removal strategies.

When you experience a fire in the home or fire in the business, board up services are crucial. A board up is one of the best ways to secure your home or business and to prevent further damage. Fire damage leaves certain areas exposed. Board up services can be used to secure the roof, windows and doorways. If these areas are left unguarded, intruders can access the premises and cause more damage.

A fire in the home or fire in the business can leave you destabilized. Your primary goal should be to resume your normal life. This is why you should bring in a fire damage restoration firm. The faster they conduct the fire cleanup, the sooner you can move back to your home or office.

In most cases, people wait for long before conducting fire cleanup services after a fire damage. This is ill advised because the soot damage and smoke damage can discolor your items in a matter of hours. The smoke smell is also a health hazard. On your own, you may not be in a position to deal with the damage in good time.

Commercial fire damage companies have the experience and tools needed to conduct thorough fire cleanup services. These technicians will begin by inspecting the fire in the home or fire in the business damage. They will put up board up services to prevent further exposure. These professionals will also use special cleaning agents to get rid of the smoke damage and soot damage.

Deodorization services are also done to get rid of the smoke smell. If smoke is left unattended, it can easily seep through the walls. Professional commercial fire damage companies can use thermal foggers for extensive smoke damage. This is a machine that releases odor-neutralizing particles. These particles neutralize the smoke leaving behind a fresh atmosphere free from smoke odor. Thermal foggers are very effective and can get rid of the smoke speedily.

While fire can leave extensive damage, there are measures to prevent home and business owners from incurring further losses. Immediate fire damage restoration services can help salvage the damage on the items and property. This is why it is prudent to engage the services of fire damage professionals. A restoration company can ensure that you resume your normal day to day activities in a short period of time.
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Mold Removal: How to Safely Get Rid of Mold From Your Home

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Mold Removal: How to Safely Get Rid of Mold From Your Home

Mold removal involves the process of getting rid of any visible mold in a building. This is an important process for an infested building since it maintains a healthy environment for the occupants and reduces further spread. Before mold removal and remediation can take place, it's important to get to the cause and ensure proper mitigation or else the mold growth will still re-occur. It's also important to note that the remediation of mold damage can be complicated or simple depending on the type of building, the level of contamination, and also infestation.

When the mold in a home covers an area of more than 10 square feet, then you will need to seek the help of a commercial mold damage expert for the mold growth removal and deodorization services. Whether the removal of black mold, mildew, dry rot, or fungus is performed in the bathroom, basement, or attic, it's important to ensure proper mitigation so that it doesn't spread to other non-contaminated areas. The restoration company will guide you through.

The level of contamination also plays a role in the amount you have to pay and whether you will need to seek the services of a commercial mold restoration company. Also, it's important to remember that it's the amount of settled spores and the type of mold, mildew, or fungus that matters. If you suspect that you're having a mold problem but you don't see any visible dry rot or black mold growth you should consider testing the air.

Steps to effective mold removal

Before cleaning the mold damage, you should determine whether the mold growth behind the wall, attic, or floor is a cosmetic or structural concern. To achieve this, you could ask for a mold test and if levels are high, consider seeking the assistance of commercial mold damage experts. When cleaning mold in a home, particularly black mold, you should avoid releasing mold spores into the air.

For effective remediation of mold damage, you should enclose the affected areas with plastic to contain the spores and dust from spreading. The restoration company technicians wear a full face protective mask to guard against dust and the smelly odor which can only be remediated through deodorization. When working on small amounts of mold growth behind a wall, the remediation will involve the ordinary household detergent.

Although you might have properly cleaned the area, it can still be stained if you are dealing with dry rot or black mold infestation. In such cases, the best mitigation practice is to cover such an area with a good latex paint or get in touch with a reliable commercial mold damage expert if you aren't sure how to go about it.

Wood is also one of the favorite spots for mildew, fungus, dry rot, and black mold infestation, and if you realize there is mold growth behind a wall, you should consider replacing the attic insulation, floor joists, and wall studs. If this is left unchecked, it could lead to serious damage, and with the mildew, fungus, or smelly odor, you will have to seek deodorization services from a commercial mold damage restoration company.

Mold removal from furniture

Furniture is always a big concern, especially when it's infested with mold in a home. One of the biggest factors that contribute to such infestation is mold growth behind a wall. That said, if you aren't careful, you will only realize mold growth when smelly odor begins to emanate from fungus or black rot. If that's the case and mold in a home has affected your furniture, try removing the mold damage using detergents and use deodorization to get rid of the smelly odor.
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5 Tips To Beachfront & Oceanside Mold Prevention

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 5 Tips To Beachfront & Oceanside Mold Prevention Living by the beach is a dream come true for many homeowners. Unfortunately, beachfront living can come with an unpleasant downside.

The Risk of Mold at the Coast

Mold grows best in moist conditions, like the ones right outside your front door while living near coast in California.

Whether you are the brand new owner of a beachfront home or a longtime resident of an oceanside property, you need to take mold seriously.

Here are a few quick tips for preventing mold in your coastal home;

  1. Remove wet objects right away
  2. Clean, disinfect and dry
  3. Increase airflow
  4. Stop water leaks
  5. Use dry storage

If left unchecked mold can quickly grow and spread throughout a home which is why it is important to follow these mold prevention tips.

If you are worried about mold in your home don't risk your health or the health of your children or loved ones.

Proper mold removal, mold remediation can eliminate all traces of mold in a beachfront or oceanside home. Don't delay, contact us today, (760) 451-0600 and our professional technicians will help you get rid of any mold problem.

5 Tips for Preventing Mold in an Oceanside Home

Getting rid of mold is one thing, but preventing it is something else. As with other problems of home ownership, the best defense against mold is a good offense.

Taking some proactive steps now can prevent mold in your oceanside or beachfront home later. Here are five timely tips for keeping mold at bay, so you can enjoy the cool ocean breezes and spend more time in the sand.

1. Remove Wet Objects Right Away

From saltwater-soaked beach towels to wet patio furniture cushions, it is important to keep damp items out of your beachfront home. Mold can start growing in an amazingly short period, so every minute you wait is one more minute your home is at risk.

Keeping a hamper by the front door can help you keep those damp items out of your home. Instituting rules for guests and family members can help as well, and go a long way toward keeping your oceanside or beachfront home mold-free.

2. Clean, Disinfect and Dry

Mold loves damp places, and it can grow fast. That is why cleaning and disinfecting your home is so important. Regular cleaning and proper disinfection are always necessary, but it is particularly critical for owners of oceanside and beachfront properties.

Keep your cleaning supplies nearby, disinfect surfaces and always dry everything carefully. Denying mold the damp spots it needs is the best way to protect your home from severe damage.

3. Increase Airflow Throughout Your Home

Improving airflow can go a long way toward keeping mold out of your beachfront or oceanside home, so start by assessing the amount of airflow you currently have and go from there. If the air is flowing beautifully through the entire property, you probably do not have a need to worry.

If the airflow is less than optimal, it is time to get to work. Just adding a fan to the attic or crawlspace can improve airflow a great deal, so that is a good place to get started. Be sure to use the fans you have, like the exhaust fan in your bathroom and kitchen, as doing so will make a mold infestation less likely.

4. Stop Water Leaks Quickly

Water leaks can spark a mold problem like nothing else, so it pays to be vigilant. Beachfront locations are often prone to sudden storms, so take a look around your property as soon as the rainfall has stopped. Check the ceilings for discoloration and damp spots, as these could indicate roof leaks and standing water.

Even the smallest leak, if left untreated, can spark a mold problem, so check for leaks regularly and treat them quickly. Eternal vigilance about water leaks is one of the most efficient ways to stop a mold problem before it starts.

5. Use Dry Storage

Having a dry place to store your belongings is critical when you live in a beachfront property or oceanside home. It is not enough to stack your spare belongings in the attic or hide them in the basement, as improper storage could lead to excess moisture and the growth of mold.

Instead of stacking your belongings willy nilly, take the time to place them in sealed boxes. Do this for your attic, crawlspace, garage and every other storage area in your beachfront or oceanside home. Storing your items properly and in sealed containers can prevent moisture buildup before it starts, and save you some costly repairs.

Maintain Your Home Properly to Avoid Future Repair Costs

Mold remediation can be expensive and is always a complicated and arduous process. That is why it is so important to focus on preventing mold, especially black mold.

Water damage can happen anywhere, but it is far more likely in oceanside and beachfront locations along California's coast. If you want to enjoy all the great things the beach has to offer, do yourself a favor and make mold prevention measures a regular part of your home maintenance. With the right mold remediation plan, you can avoid costly damage and have more time to enjoy your wonderful home.

If you want to enjoy all the great things the beach has to offer, do yourself a favor and make mold prevention measures a regular part of your home maintenance. With the right mold remediation plan, you can avoid costly damage and have more time to enjoy your wonderful home.

However, if you ever do happen to discover a mold problem in your oceanside home, contact us before it spreads.the mold remediation experts at SERVPRO of Falbrook & South Oceanside.

The tips listed above can help you get started, but if the mold is out of hand contact us immediately.

How to Handle a Water Damage Situation

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

How to Handle a Water Damage Situation

Water damage is one of the most devastating emergencies that can occur in a home or business. A flooded home business can cause significant damage to a structure and valuables.

Water damage happens fast and furiously when there is a pipe break, supply line break, roof leak or when flood waters come. Ceilings, carpeting, walls, wood floors, baseboards and personal possessions can be damaged or destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Being prepared to deal with a flooded home or water in home or business damage is about knowing what steps to take when it happens and acting fast to stop the source of water in home or flood damage, protect occupants and belongings, then begin the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning up the affected area.

Here are the main steps for dealing with a flooded home or water in business emergency.

1. Call A Restoration Company

When you're dealing with water in home or water in business, you want to be sure you're reaching out to the professionals. There’s a lot at stake in a flooded home or water in business crisis, which means that it is critical to call a flood damage professional or company as soon as possible.

Professionals are available and will respond quickly to provide efficient water cleanup, drying and sanitization and restoration of the property. Professionals will handle the mitigation process for the business or home owner, quickly. They have the right training and proper tools and equipment to address any pipe break or supply line break, remove excess water and get everything back to normal.

2. Stop the Water Flow

The causes of water or flood damage in a business or home include a pipe break, a supply line break, pressurized water line, or a burst hot water tank. Knowing where the water shutoffs are located is crucial for immediately stopping the water flow and preventing further damage. While waiting for the mitigation team to arrive, you should locate the main water supply and shut it off.

3. Think Safety

Shutting off all electrical sources is critical and this can be done by unplugging devices or snapping the circuit breakers. Water is a good electrical conductor and a water in home or water in business situation could easily create a serious shock. Making sure everyone is safely away from the flooded area is crucial.

4. Protect Precious Valuables

Water-soaked items quickly begin to rot. Remove or raise possessions, including boxes and furniture, from the flood water. It is recommended to remove your highest risk belongings and safety put them in an area with warm, moving air. Removing carpeting or other flooring materials, door moldings and baseboards are best left to restoration professionals to handle.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

It is important to contact your insurance provider and find out how the water cleanup and restoration will be approached. Insurance company representatives who specialize in water cleanup and mitigation can expert advice and proper guidance on water damage coverage. Trying to handle your own water cleanup and mitigation may compromise your insurance policy, leaving you with huge expenses.

6. Work With A Restoration Company

Work with a water cleanup crew to remove standing water, clean up water in business or flooded home and ensure successful drying of the structure and contents. Restoration professionals have the skills, drying techniques and state-of-the-art equipment like pumps, dehumidifiers and air movers to remove flood water and moisture. They use remote cameras, hygrometers and moisture detectors, which enable them to find trapped residual water.

Summing Up

When flood damage occurs in a business or home, due to supply line break, pipe break or other fixture or pluming problem, an experienced restoration company can handle the water cleanup and drying and restore the property to its preloss state. It is important to call a restoration company as soon as possible to have the source of the flooded home or water in business dealt with appropriately. Visit for more information on water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Services After a Residential Fire

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Services After a Residential Fire

Today a rapidly emerging new field offers renewed hope to homeowners who have sustained residential fires. This developing industry holds the potential to assist property owners during the challenging aftermath of a house or apartment fire. Instead of struggling to board up or sell a visibly damaged structure, now homeowners who experienced fire damage can gain a better opportunity to refurbish charred, flame-scarred real estate holdings. Fire in home settings no longer necessarily causes irrevocable losses in long term home values.

Restoring Business Premises

After a conflagration in business settings, professional restoration companies typically assist with fire cleanup efforts. These firms help remove the lingering smoke smell which accompanies extensive commercial fire damage. They bring in specially trained workers to perform the challenging process of removing visible traces of soot damage and smoke damage from the premises. Thanks to their efforts, the entire process of fire damage restoration proceeds more quickly and smoothly. Indeed, when a full time commercial fire damage company supervises fire cleanup after a fire in business premises, customers may not detect evidence of the disaster afterwards.

Now some fire damage restoration firms offer services for the benefit of residential property owners, too. Using a restoration company's services permits a household to renew living spaces following fire in home settings. This process helps eliminate the persistent smoke smell and the ugly smoke damage and soot damage which so many households associate with a traumatic event. If you experienced a blaze in your residence recently, consider inviting a restoration company to explore possible fire cleanup and fire damage repair and renovation measures with you. The available solutions may pleasantly surprise you!

Comprehensive Training

Just like the firms which address commercial fire damage, companies engaging in residential board up and fire cleanup sometimes specialize in specific market niches. For example, an enterprise helping homeowners clean and revitalize premises that sustained heavy fire damage may focus on vacation homes or condo restoration. Some restoration company managers concentrate on assisting clients within specific regional markets. Others operate cleaning businesses in addition to supplying specialized fire damage restoration services.

The IICRC offers certification classes for restoration company personnel. These specialized courses help restoration specialists learn how to clean up excess water and debris correctly at the sites of residential fires. Instructors supply training in soot damage and smoke damage cleanup techniques, and the elimination of noxious smoke smell aromas from a variety of different household materials. Fire cleanup and board up in the aftermath of residential fire damage has become a systematic process thanks to these types of specialized training programs. The detailed courses help restoration experts learn to restore property correctly.

A Methodical Approach

How does a specialist approach the process of restoring premises after a fire in business settings or a fire in home environments? The process involves several methodical steps:

Surveying and documenting fire damage;
Preparing a comprehensive fire damage restoration plan;
Performing systematic water removal, debris cleanup and property refurbishment.

Ultimately, this process permits the cleaning away of smoke damage and soot damage. It removes any lingering smoke smell.

Neither fire in business premises nor fire in home environments should precipitate automatic board up efforts at damaged properties today. While in certain cases temporary board up of impacted structures may represent the best solution, it makes sense to consult with an expert first before excluding restoration options. Just as specialists frequently help mitigate commercial fire damage following a fire in business locations, they may assist homeowners in restoring and revivifying burned residential properties, too.

Recovering From House Fires

Even a fairly small residential fire can cause painful losses for residents. The wider availability of professional restoration company services today assists many homeowners. Consider exploring this solution if your home has sustained residential fire damage recently.
Visit for more information on fire damage.