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Get Your Home Mold Problem Under Control

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Get Your Home Mold Problem Under Control Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

Many think of mold as an outdoor problem, but in truth, there’s no such thing as a mold-free home. There’s only a home free of the conditions required to allow mold spores in the air to flourish and grow. That’s why you can take precautions to keep your South Oceanside, CA home from turning into a breeding ground for black mold.

Prevention First

You don’t want to have a mold problem and then figure out how to fix it. It’s better to never have a mold problem at all through dedicated mold prevention. Water damage is one of the major culprits in mold growth; if you have mold, odds are you have a leak or have recently suffered flood damage. Here are a few ways to check for water damage that can lead to mold.

• Watch for dark spots on walls and ceilings. Dark spots are usually water damage caused by leaking roofs and windows, sometimes by damaged or leaking pipes. Don’t forget to check for out-of-the-way places, such as under sinks.
• Listen for dripping pipes and inspect periodically. As mentioned, damaged and leaking pipes can create an environment ripe for mold growth.
• Eliminate standing water. You might not think much of getting out of the shower and leaving a dripping mess, but that water can seep under your bathroom floor tiles and start mold breeding underneath the linoleum. Look for other sources of standing water, such as splashed dishwater or leaks beneath appliances.
• Control humidity. Your bathroom fan is a great way to get rid of mold-causing steam and condensation; your stove should also have a fan for the same reason. If your environment is extremely humid, invest in a dehumidifier.

Remediation Next

When mold prevention isn’t enough, you need remediation next. Mold remediation involves professionals assessing the extent of your mold problem and taking steps to eliminate as much as possible from your environment. Mold remediation specialists can also offer advice on further prevention after a cleanup. Visit for more information on mold. 

How and When Do I Maintain My Furnace?

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Having a healthy furnace is crucial for those living in South Oceanside, CA during the cold weather months. Performing preventative maintenance saves homeowners the hassle and heartache that comes from fire cleaning and smoke cleaning efforts if a problem arises. It is essential to keep the furnace in good working order year-round.


Before the temperature drops outside, take action with your furnace. Some important tasks are best done right before the cold weather hits:

• Replace or clean the furnace filter
• Make an appointment for your annual furnace cleaning and inspection with a reputable HVAC and furnace cleaning company


When the snow falls, your furnace works hard to keep you and your family warm. It is especially important during the winter to keep the following in mind:

• Change your furnace filter every 30-60 days
• If you have allergies, pets or smoke in your home, change the filter more often
• Be alert to any problems, such as a gas smell or unwanted change of temperature
• If a problem is noticed, immediately call a reputable HVAC and furnace company to inspect and fix the issue to avoid the need for a restoration and fire cleaning company later


As warmer weather sets in during the day, often your furnace is still working hard at night. During this time, the homeowner should take these actions:

• Continue to change the furnace filter regularly
• If the furnace was not cleaned and inspected in the fall, schedule the annual maintenance now


For those living in South Oceanside, CA you and your furnace are (hopefully!) getting a well-deserved break from the cold. Even though homeowners seldom consider heating in the summer, these few steps will make sure the furnace is healthy year-round:

• If you use air conditioning, an annual health check keeps the entire system running smoothly
• Be attentive and call a reputable HVAC and furnace company if you suspect any problems with your system

When it comes to furnace care, remember the old adage: An ounce of prevention (furnace maintenance) now is worth a pound of cure (heartache and fire cleaning) later. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

3 Strategies for Preventing Mold in Your Restaurant

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Strategies for Preventing Mold in Your Restaurant Call SERVPRO if you notice mold growth in your business.

Keeping your Fallbrook, CA restaurant clean is probably a high priority for you. Not only is cleanliness necessary for following local and federal food handling guidelines, it can make a positive first impression on customers who come to dine for the first time. One major factor in keeping your restaurant clean is preventing mold growth, and there are several strategies you can use to help keep your business fungi free.

1. Keep Humidity Low

High humidity can contribute to the development of mold, especially in spaces where there is also plenty of moisture. Your walk-in coolers, dishwashing areas and prep areas may all be vulnerable, so monitoring the environment in these areas is wise. Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation, keep windows open and mop up dishwashing or prep food water spills right away so mold does not have the chance to take hold and spread.

2. Maintain Your HVAC System

Mold spores exist naturally in the air; however, when they are given the right environment in which to settle and grow colonies, their spread can happen quickly. These spores can travel faster when they invade your HVAC system, so having it checked, cleaned and maintained at least twice a year can go a long way in preventing mold. Have a qualified technician check for air conditioning leaks that may encourage mold growth and have repairs or improvements made as needed.

3. Have Your Building Inspected for Leaks

Hidden leaks in your restaurant can create significant water damage over time and give mold the ideal environment in which to thrive. To find and resolve leaks, call in a qualified water damage and restoration company that can also advise you on how to solve any water leakage issues. Remember to have both the inside and outside of your property inspected, especially if you run water lines to manage patio misters or other water features for your restaurant.

One important aspect of keeping your Fallbrook, CA restaurant clean is preventing mold growth. Fortunately, taking a few simple proactive steps can stop the growth of fungi before it affects your business. Visit for more information on mold. 

Know When It’s Time To Call a Restoration Company

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Know When It’s Time To Call a Restoration Company Water damage in a residential property.

Whether dealing with a broken pipe, a sewage backup or a natural flood, it’s important to know when it’s time to call your Fallbrook, CA water restoration team. Water damage can get out of hand quickly, and even if you perform pipe burst cleanup measures immediately, it can still result in mold growth and structural damage. For this reason, you should at least allow a remediation team to inspect your building post-flood to make sure all is clear. Instances in which you should always call a remediation team include the following:

• When you’ve experienced an obvious disaster, such as a major flooding or a sewage backup
• When you notice a wall or ceiling bloated with water
• When you notice water dripping from the electrical
• When your floorboards are bowing
• When you smell mold

When in Doubt, Call in Help

If you discover a leak beneath your breakroom kitchen sink that you know was not there the day before, you may be able to fix the pipe and clean up the mess yourself. However, because you have more than just yourself to worry about, any other water damage should be a reason to call for help. A trained sewer cleanup company can dry out the damaged area and perform thorough pipe burst cleanup measures. Even if damage has already occurred, they can prevent further and more costly destruction and help you prepare the necessary statements and paperwork for your insurance company.

Prevention Is Key

You and other building occupants can help prevent significant water damage by keeping a close eye out for signs of moisture issues. These include peeling paint, wall discoloration, bubbling paint, cracking or crumbling drywall, and a musty or moldy smell. Your floor may also show signs of water damage in the form of bowing floor boards.

If you spot moisture damage in your building and don’t know how long it’s been there, call a Fallbrook, CA water remediation team. They can help with pipe burst cleanup, mold remediation and more. Visit for more information on commercial water damage. 

3 Ways Storm Flood Cleanup Differs From Plumbing Flood Cleanup

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Ways Storm Flood Cleanup Differs From Plumbing Flood Cleanup Give SERVPRO a call if you experience storm damage.

Flooding can impact your South Oceanside, CA home in a variety of ways. However, the kind of water that enters your home may have an effect on what kind of damage you need to deal with in the aftermath. Storm floods, for example, may need to be handled differently than how you would clean up water from a burst pipe in your kitchen, and knowing how storm flood water differs from other types of flooding can help you clean it up quickly and safely.

1. Storm Waters May Contain Sewage

One of the dangers of natural flooding is the contamination level of the water. Flood water that comes from torrential rains may contain feces, urine and chemicals from nearby clogged sewers, making it dangerous to handle. This type of black water should only be removed by a certified storm cleanup and water damage company that has the equipment to drain and dispose of it safely.

2. Outdoor Floods Often Contain Debris

Dealing with a flood from a burst pipe in your home is typically cleaner than storm flooding, which typically contains mud, sewer sludge and outdoor debris. These substances can be difficult to clean, even with a commercial shop vacuum cleaner. These types of floods usually require the services of a professional water damage cleanup company, which can bring in trash and sump pumps to clear away the debris.

3. Indoor Floods May Be More Controllable

While indoor floods may cause some damage, they can usually be controlled by turning off your home’s water. This can reduce flood damage and make cleanup simpler. Outdoor flood waters are usually impossible to prevent or control, which means you may be dealing with a more difficult cleanup process once they recede.

Various types of flood waters in South Oceanside, CA can affect your home. However, there is a marked difference between storm flooding and floods that occur due to plumbing issues, and understanding the difference can help make cleanup easier. Visit for more information on storm damage. 

Mold in a Nutshell

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

You’ve probably seen it, and you probably know that it’s not something you want on your food, on your walls or on your floors. We’re talking about mold, and it’s not something you want to deal with in your South Oceanside, CA home. There are several forms of mold and a number of ways it can infiltrate your home or place of business. It’s important to understand what it is, how it develops and what you can do to effectively handle mold cleanup.

A Fungus

Interestingly, mold come about from tiny spores from the air. These spores will float about and can land just about anywhere in your home. Ordinarily, mold will grow where there is a moisture problem, such as damp basements, showers or refrigerators.


You’re no doubt familiar with mildew, as you’ve probably run into this issue in your South Oceanside, CA bathroom. It has the appearance of small black spots and usually shows up on shower tile or shower doors. If you ignore mildew, it will continue to build up, creating an unattractive appearance. Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of this issue:

• Grab a cleaning brush with strong bristles
• Get a commercial-grade bathroom cleaner and apply to the affected area
• Scrub firmly until the mold comes off

Black Mold

In a list of all the types of mold you may see in your home, this is probably the type you want least. This form of mold can be problematic, so you should never touch it or even go close to it. If you find this in your home, call a specialist immediately.

Once you understand what mold is and how it can find its way into your home, you’ll have a much easier time getting rid of it. Black mold, especially, is a major concern that you should leave in the hands of a competent professional. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Areas of Coverage To Check For If a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

If broken or leaky pipes flood your home in South Oceanside, CA the last thing you likely want to worry about is whether or not the incident is covered by your insurance. The answer usually depends on the situation. Some cases may be covered by homeowner’s insurance while others may not, so it is often important to know what to look for in your policy. Three places to start include clauses covering property coverage, additional living expenses, and dwelling coverage.

1. Property Coverage

When a flood in your home is caused by burst pipes, personal property such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and other belongings can be damaged. These items, though, are likely covered under your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

2. Additional Living Expenses

Living expenses can often be the last thing on your mind if you are focused on how to fix broken pipes, but an incident like this can displace you from your home. Expenses including hotel rooms, meals, and travel can add up; the additional living expense coverage included in your insurance policy may protect you against these, though.

3. Dwelling Coverage

Floorboards, walls, and building structures can all be damaged should a pipe burst or leak in your home. This kind of damage and the costs required to repair it can be covered by the dwelling coverage that is included in your insurance policy.

While it is usually good to know where your insurance covers you, always make sure to stay on top of pipe maintenance in your home. In some cases, insurance companies may not cover any damage that occurs as a result of negligence. It can be important to replace old pipes, properly insulate pipes in cold weather, and check often for leaks or damage. Not only can this help to prevent a burst pipe or flood in the first place, but it can also help to make sure you are covered if something does happen. Visit for more information on water damage

3 Steps for Recovering From Commercial Storm Damage

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Steps for Recovering From Commercial Storm Damage When your knee deep in water, call the experts at SERVPRO of Fallbrook / South Oceanside.

Unsure of what to do if your business is affected by flooding or water damage? From water extraction to the tear out of wet materials, taking immediate action is imperative for lessening the damage that a commercial property suffers. Whether the building needs immediate storm restoration or you want to be prepared in the case of an unexpected emergency, knowing the procedure can help get your business back up and running after a water disaster.

1. Removing the Water

Before affected areas can be completely cleaned or repaired, standing water must be extracted. Depending on the size of the flooded area, mopping up excess liquid may be sufficient. Larger disasters may require the use of a wet vacuum system or pump to clear out the mess.

2. Beginning the Process of Drying Out

Drying out commercial spaces that have suffered water damage is imperative for squashing the growth and spread of mold and bacteria. The longer that interior areas are left to dry on their own, the more severe damage can become, and repairs can grow more costly. The most important aspect in drying up sodden spaces is getting the air moving. This can be achieved through opening doors and windows to circulate the air naturally, as long as the humidity isn’t too high. Air can be forcefully moved with the aid of fans.

3. Restoring Your Commercial Property

Getting a storm-damaged building back into working order may require the tear out and replacement of some structures within the property. Sometimes this entails the removal of a small section of drywall, while in more severe instances, large flooring space or an entire wall may need to go due to major saturation or contamination. Flooded floors often require the replacing of carpet, and sometimes hardwood may also become too damaged to salvage.

Recovering from water damage can feel overwhelming. A water remediation professional in South Oceanside, CA can offer assistance and peace of mind. Whether your commercial space requires water removal and drying or the tear out of structures, following the necessary procedures and precautions make recovery possible.
Visit for more information on commercial storm damage. 

Mold and Mildew: Bad Smells and Where To Find Them

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Building owners in South Oceanside, CA quickly realize that mold is much easier to smell than it is to locate. The mold smell can be strong and overpowering without being directly visible, leaving you to wonder just where exactly it’s coming from. Following is a discussion about what causes a mold smell, mildew smell, fungus smell or any variety of the three and how best to find the sources throughout your commercial property.

What Makes Mold and Mildew Odor So Distinct?

Mold and its similar species are quick to grow in areas with a lot of moisture and humidity. Mildew and mold thrive in such places as they’re both different kinds of fungi that need the presence of water to survive and multiply. These fungal inhabitants create their smells through the basic function of their existence, meaning any time they eat and reproduce the smell becomes stronger. Mildew brings less of an odorous presence with lighter, musty smells, but moldy smells become quite overbearing the more they continue to grow and spread around your building.

Where Can You Find Non-Visible Mold on Your Property?

The mold smell itself often leads you closer to its original growth point, though it’s not always an exact indicator. Thermal cameras are available these days to help find previously undetected sources of water, but mold is generally found in common areas like:

*Kitchens, bathrooms and other sources of consistent water usage
*Air conditioning units or water heaters
*The walls below leaky windows or door frames
*Cellars or basements where light to heavy flooding occurs regularly
*Refrigerators or freezers that create high condensation in dark corners

When you’re trying to find the presence of mold in your South Oceanside, CA property, following your nose towards the mold smell is a great first step. However, removing the fungus smell, mildew smell and any other similar odors that are harder to pinpoint requires checking these suggested places to find their non-visible locations. Once the mold is found, call remediation specialists to clear out your building. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Furnace

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

The last thing you want is for your home’s heating system to go out right in the middle of winter. Worse than that, a fire could break out if you are not careful. It is always preferable to avoid fire cleaning services when possible, so follow these few maintenance tips to keep your furnace in great condition all year long.

1. Replace Filters Often

Every heating system has a filter that allows you to breathe in clean air free of contaminants. Over time, the filter becomes dirty, making it less effective at filtering out dust and other pieces of debris. You should replace your furnace’s filter once every few months. You may need to do it once a month if you use your HVAC system regularly.

2. Clean Vents and Furnace Ducts

For this kind of maintenance, you may need to hire professionals. Experts qualified in fire cleaning can usually handle this work. Too much dust accumulation in the vents can damage components and make the system not run as efficiently as it should. During this inspection, the professional can also provide a more thorough examination to see if there are any damaged parts. Even a loose belt can lead to a dampening in performance. It is better to do this kind of housework than have to eventually deal with smoke cleaning.

3. Have an Annual Inspection

In the event your furnace seems to be working all right, you should still have someone come out at least once a year to check everything out. This inspection should take place right before the winter season. Most furnace maintenance professionals are busy during the winter because that is when everyone wants the work done. Additionally, if you wait until winter, then you may have to go a day or two without your furnace. When the temperatures drop, it is not fun to be without a heater.

Avoid needing fire cleaning in South Oceanside, CA by taking care of your furnace. Ultimately, it is much more affordable to pay for maintenance than to pay for repairs. Visit for more information on fire damage.