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Looking Out for Water Damage and What to Do When it Happens

10/3/2017 (Permalink)

Looking Out for Water Damage and What to Do When it Happens

There's little doubt that when it comes to property damage, water is perhaps the most destructive force out there. Even if a person hasn't dealt with the ultimate destructive force of flood damage, chances are that everyone has had to deal with some form of lesser water damage in their time as a homeowner. Repairing damage from water in the business or a flooded home from things like a supply line break whether can be costly. We'll go through some of the process of water damage and how it occurs, as well as some of the best ways that a professional water restoration company are essential to mitigation or repair.

First, some tips on detecting initial water in the home:

It Can Be Hidden

A pipe break is not necessarily as easy to detect as one might think. Flood damage can be hidden in a variety of places from walls to floorboards to even the outer portions of the flooded home, and it takes on a variety of different attributes depending on where the flood damage occurred.

There are some key elements that point to possible flood damage in the home. They include:


Look for brownish discoloration on areas like the ceiling or rust discoloration on certain appliances as well. Check walls for bubbling or cracking paint.

Water Accumulation

Likely the most obvious sign of a possible pipe break, etc. Check for any areas of standing water in the home or business.

Texture Changes

Check for buckling or sagging in areas that especially have wood floors. If wood has swelled up and separated, it means it has expanded, which is also a sign of water damage.


Walls in particular can be prone to moisture absorption. This usually results in a change in smell as well.

Now that we've given some brief tips on what to look for, let's go into what can be done about it and how a restoration company provide mitigation of damage, take care of pipe breaks or supply line breaks, and in general assist in necessary water cleanup.

Don't Wait!

Don't delay in calling in a professional restoration company when one finds water damage. Any delay can exacerbate the issue and prove very costly. Prompt intervention is key to dealing with a flooded home. Water in a business has other expenses too, such as needing to close up shop.

The Process

A professional restoration company typically has a tried and true methodology for dealing with damages.

1. Assessment
The professionals will work to identify and stop the water source, be it from a pipe break or supply line break. They will then inspect the entire property for a damage assessment. After, they move and block items such as furniture--or expensive equipment in the case of water in a business setting--to prevent further water damage.

Water Removal/Water Cleanup

If the home requires extensive cleanup and restoration, many restoration companies offer a move out service to protect all belongings.
Once done, they will use powerful submersible pumps to take care of the worst of the water cleanup, as well as high-efficiency wet/dry vacuums. This is not only mitigation of damages but reduces drying time. They will additionally inspect the carpet to determine if it should be removed for protection of the sub-floor.


Once water removal is done the drying process begins. This is done because many materials in a flooded home still retain some water. Dehumidifiers are used to mitigate secondary damage such as warped floors, and air flow movers are used to accelerate drying.


Many companies also offer professional-grade cleaning services of both the property and belongings such as furniture that may have become damaged from water in the home. They'll use a variety of products to clean and deodorize the home or business.

Trust the Professionals

When it comes to water cleanup and restoration, whether it's water in the home or water in the business, a pipe or supply line break, it's important get the right help. Always use qualified services for proper restoration and mitigation of water damage.
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