What our Customers say...


Due to the recent storms we've had one of our properties was damaged. Randy's team helped us tremendously. Turned a bad situation into something manageable. Thank you.

We had no idea what to do when we got flooded. SERVPRO came and did an amazing job explaining what to expect and were super understanding of the situation. These guys did a great job!

SERVPRO of Fallbrook/South Oceanside saved us not once but twice! Would highly recommend using them for cleaning up smoke or water damages. Very professional. 

They worked with our insurance company and we didn't have to lift a finger! They even handled our furniture and cleaned the exterior of the house. We hope to never have to go through a disaster again but if we do we're calling the Fallbrook SERVPRO! Thanks guys!

The service was very professional and we're grateful for the fast response. Things could have been a lot worse. Nick, Kier, and their team took great care of our property and the entire process.

Randy and his team saved us thousands of dollars! When water from an upstairs bathroom seeped through our kitchen ceiling, the plumber who fixed the leak referred us to his company's water restoration guy. That guy talked my ear off about wastewater and mold, trying to frighten me into replacing the kitchen ceiling and bathroom tile at a cost of $5,000-$6,000. It didn't feel right, so I called SERVPRO for a second opinion. So glad I did! Randy and Nick took one look and put my fears to rest. There were no signs of contamination and no need for sledgehammers. Over the next few days, Nick came by to install, adjust, and remove drying equipment. He was always on time and always courteous. I know SERVPRO was handling some major restoration projects at the time, but they made me feel like a high priority. Very grateful for their integrity and work ethic.

SERVPRO of Fallbrook and South Oceanside will be the only place I'll call if I have another water leak/ black mold emergency again. Kier, Art, and Andy came and evaluated the situations formulated a plan and executed it.  Bottom line is when they were done all parties involved were extremely happy. Since my insurance did not pay I was more then happy with the final bill.  Kier, Art, and Andy succeeded in customer satisfaction  and affordability. So stop stressing and start calling SERVPRO of Fallbrook and South Oceanside. You'll be glad you did. I know I was.

What a wonderful experience we had with Randy and his team!  They responded right away, first thing in the morning, and saved our beautiful hard wood kitchen floor!   Randy and his team were so pleasant and reassuring during one of the most stressful times in my life.  I can't thank them enough for their professional and caring manner and for making a terrible nightmare a dream come true...all we have to do now is a minor refinishing of the floor instead of ripping it out!  Many thanks to this awesome company...look no further if you are in need of these services!

Thank you Fallbrook SERVPRO for the excellent work you did and being so responsive. We are very happy with the service we got.

Thanks for the timely response SERVPRO! We were relieved to have such pleasant and professional help after the fire. 

SERVPRO of Fallbrook/South Oceanside communicated well and arrived in a timely manner. Wonderful customer service!

I can't say enough about Randy Vance and his team of professionals! We had a mold problem . . . . we don't any more! This company is the BEST and I highly recommend them should you have mold, water, smoke (etc) damage. The truly care about helping their customers - their service is FIVE STAR!! Thank you Randy and your team. We are grateful!

SERVPRO did a great job and didn't break the bank. They are knowledgeable and professional. Our disaster cleanup was so much better with their help.  

Had a mold issue in our shower. Matt came out, cleaned it up and the shower looks brand new again! Prompt, reasonable and very professional. Highly recommend!

I can't say enough good things about Randy Vance and his team. 

From the time we initially called until completion, Randy and his team really went above and beyond in all aspects: responsive, communicative, professional, executed the job quickly and efficiently. Customer service was top-notch and they completely exceeded our expectations. 

These guys are the best. Thank you, SERVPRO South O!!!

What an Honest, Extremely Knowledgeable, Efficient, Hardworking, Prompt, Friendly company. I could go on and on about the quality of this company. You just don’t encounter many like SERVPRO of Fallbrook/South Oceanside, these days. What an amazing group of people!

Randy was available around the clock for questions, of which I had several, daily. (He is extremely knowledgeable and kind, and has to be one of the calmest people on the planet). Randy, Kier or Matt was at my home, usually within hours, each time my contractor discovered a new problem. When I commented on how friendly, hardworking and honest each employee I encountered was, I was told that each is hand picked. Well, it shows. They ALL show up ready to work. And I would not hesitate to have any one of them in my home again. They are all quality individuals.
After, unfortunately, finding water damage and mold in my home, SERVPRO came out and assessed the damage, called a plumber out immediately to fix the leaky pipes, placed their air scrubber machines in my home, then returned as soon as I called for them to start the work. They then Safely and efficiently removed all of the moldy/water damaged materials. What a relief that was. Truly.

Randy was also prompt about submitting the necessary paperwork to my insurance company for me. (I was actually told by my insurance company that they prefer their clients use SERVPRO’s services).
I am 110% satisfied with the job they did! Do not hesitate to call them to assess needs for your home, you will be very well taken care of.

This is the first review I have ever written. The honesty and quality of service of this company was just too awesome not to mention to others.

We had SERVPRO come out and do some work after the big rainfall last week.  They were quick, efficient, clean workers and did a good job at cleaning up the mess quick as I needed to leave town and didn't want to leave my wife to have to deal with everything.  Unfortunately I didn't get to work with Randy from the get go and if I had I think it would have gone a lot smoother.  We had some issues with billing as it wasn't going to be covered by insurance (we still don't know where the leak came from!!).  Randy the owner cares about his business and is an honest person and you can tell he cares about the customers as he ultimately made sure the billing was correct.  Thank you SERVPRO for making things right and getting the job done!

From one Oceanside resident to another, thank you Randy for helping me through this difficult time. You were extremely friendly and generous with your time dealing with my water damage and mold exposure  I have never been through this before and he and his team guided me through every step of the process. You surpassed all my expectation and I would recommended a 100 times Randy and his crew to help you with any water remediation problem.

Had a pipe burst in the attic causing major water damage. Called SERVPRO and Randy and his crew did an outstanding job getting the house back to order in a timely manor. Exceptional communication throughout the entire process made this stressful time a lot less stressful. Would highly recommend SERVPRO Fallbrook/South Oceanside.

I had a leak in my downstairs bathroom.  It flooded my bathroom and part of my living room.  My insurance company recommended SERVPRO to do the water damage emergency clean up and they were at my house in less than an hour, dang!  This was ...MoreI had a leak in my downstairs bathroom.  It flooded my bathroom and part of my living room.  My insurance company recommended SERVPRO to do the water damage emergency clean up and they were at my house in less than an hour, dang!  This was Friday night and I didn't expect anyone to be available.  They dried out everything.  They have have a construction licence  so I even used them to rebuild the bathroom, walls, flooring plumbing...everything.  Glad AAA sent them to me it made it all easy to and stress free.  I'll call SERVPRO Fallbrook South Oceanside if any of this happens again.  Thanks Randy.

They were professional, timely and did excellent work. I appreciate them drying out my home!

Fast, friendly and reliable service. Randy and his team were so helpful when our home was flooded in the recent storms. If Google had 6 stars, we'd give him that! So fantastic.

Randy was awesome! I had a roof leak and needed it to be tarped until five full repair could be completed. When other guys refused or didn't return calls, Randy was quick to step in, tarping the roof within 2 days and offering to help with any other needed services. Thank you again Randy!!

The staff at SERVPRO were very professional and did an excellent job. They were very easy to deal with and returned messages promptly. Highly recommend!

Had a horrible house flood in Oceanside and needed to quickly repair and restore the damage without breaking the bank. This SERVPRO team came out and saved the day. They helped sort out the damage and take care of flood, so I didn't have to stress about it. Thanks guys!

Randy Vance and his team from SERVPRO of Fallbrook/South Oceanside just finished a water damage project for us and we want to give them some major kudos! They were so supportive and provided the best care we could have asked for. We would recommend them to anyone facing water damage and repairs. It was amazing to have one of our neighbor businesses take care of us. Keeping it in the community! Everyone at Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center says a great big "THANK YOU SERVPRO".

Words can't express how sincere these guys were showing up late in the evening to my phone call. They brought in a large machine to take the water off the floors and took care of contacting my insurance company for me. It's great they are the preferred vendors to so many companies. So glad they helped and thanks guys for the follow up card!

We manage rental properties and needed a home cleaned and painted quick. Randy and his team of professionals were there the very day I called. Their work was exceptional. They went out of their way to make this home look great. I'm so glad I found this company. I know you'll be pleased.

Thanks Randy

I was very impressed with the response time when our office, laundry room, and garage were flooded. Richard and Gerrit Vanderham of SERVPRO came right away to clean up the water and all the wet materials. These things don't happen to often but when they do its nice to have a company with employees who do honest and professional work, even in the late night to early morning hours. Thanks to both of you for the great work.

We manage rental properties and needed a home cleaned and painted quick. Randy and his team of professionals were there the very day I called. Their work was exceptional. They went out of their way to make this home look great. I'm so glad I found this company. I know you'll be pleased.

Never had damage occur to my house before, and had no idea what to do. But I am so happy that SERVPRO of Fallbrook/ South Oceanside was on the scene. The staff was punctual and responded to the emergency immediately. The thing that really stood out the most to me was how knowledgeable and sympathetic the staff was. We were always on the same page at all times, and walked me through the entire process so I knew exactly what was going on, and what to expect.

I called my insurance company AAA and they gave me SERVPRO as a referral (You know if AAA says they are good...they must be?). Randy and his team were at my house so fast, maybe 45 min. (I didn't expect anyone to have time on Friday?) Randy and his guys set everything to dry out and even had recommendations on insurance questions, and plumbers. They basically took the lead on everything. I will call these guys every time I have water, mold or other problems with my home...

I am a property manager and one of my homes had a tenant who had passed away. I couldn't fathom how to break the news, more less take care of the home for the owner out of state. I had no idea SERVPRO took care of that. Thank goodness they do and it really is like the commercial "Like it never even happened." Thanks guys!

It's not often that one find a service that exceeds our every expectation such is SERVPRO fire and water cleanup restoration professionals. Thank you Randy Vance and Richard for your speedy timely and professional manner in which you handled and rescued my home from water and mildew damage. You are a service that one can trust and depend on in time of crisis I also want to thank you for your generous discount towards our seniors and veterans you do our military and seniors a great honor.

I was one of the many El Nino victims and all I could do was call my insurance agent. I was worried having a 1800 handle what had happened, but I was glad they referred us to SERVPRO. Randy came to my house within minutes and made sure to shut off my water while it was still leaking everywhere. So glad they came here so fast. It could have been so much worst.

Randy and his team completely exceeded my expectations. We had a major water leak that caused mold and damage to both bathrooms and our flooring and they turned what should have been a very tedious and stressful time into an easy and smooth process. Randy was very helpful in explaining the process and worked around both mine and my wife's work schedule. His team always showed up on time or early to every job they performed for us and Randy personally helped me deal with the billing process to my insurance company. I would email Randy with questions about the process thinking that he would get back to me the next day, but of course he responded to me promptly the same day (many times within the hour) and was always happy to take the time to explain every detail to me. My wife and I own rental properties in North San Diego County and I wouldn't use anybody but Randy and his team for any future jobs. It's very rare these days to find a company that takes this much pride in their work and customer service.

Thank you Randy!